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Selous National Park

urlThe Selous (pronounced “Seloo”), is the largest uninhabited protected game area in Africa. A Selous safari is guaranteed to give you a taste of totally wild unspoiled African bush, in an area twice the size of Belgium. And it is said to contain the largest concentration of wildlife in Tanzania! People rave about this World Heritage Site.
Selous has literally thousands of elephants and approximately one third of all the wild dogs, (or ‘painted wolves’ if their Latin name is translated), left in the world. These amazing dogs live in a highly co-operative pack, which makes them formidable hunters. Their need to roam vast areas is satisfied in the boundless woodlands and undulating savannah of Selous.
The lifeblood of the Selous is the Rufiji River with tributaries that form a network of lakes, lagoons and channels. These water sources attract an array of antelopes and predators such as lions and leopards, and contain plenty of crocodiles and hippos.
Black and white colobus monkeys live in the riverine forests and splendidly horned sable and kudu antelopes graze in the shadowy shrublands. A boat on the Rufiji River is the perfect vehicle from which to watch game, especially during the thirsty dry season months of June to October when many animals are drawn to the water.
At this time the ancient migratory routes linking the Selous and Mozambique’s Niassa Game Reserves are used by massive amounts of elephants. The last consensus estimated that 64,400 elephants roam the two parks, with 84% on the Tanzanian side. It is thought that more than a million animals inhabit the area.
Lodges of the Selous:
1) Beho Beho Camp
2) Mbuyu Safari Camp
3) Rufiji River Camp
4) Sand Rivers Selous
5) Sable Mountain Lodge
6) Selous Safari Camp
7) Tembo Safari Camp

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