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A prime destination for tourists in the 60s. Uganda’s Lakes, dense forests, hills and rivers were busy with fauna. Civil unrest was a major destruction from the countries development. The 70s and 80s were a tough time for Uganda and Ugandans.
Now Uganda is well on the road to recovery. Both Socially and Economically. The government is now stable and has attracted investment and much confidence from the world over.
Uganda provides something different from the other two East African Nations of Kenya and Tanzania. In the latter you get Savannah, Desert country, Ocean front beaches, and moderately forested areas.Uganda has dense impenetrable forests, numerous lakes and rivers, abundant bird life, hills and valleys almost everywhere you look.

This kind of environment is most conducive for animals such as Chimpanzee and Gorilla that flourish here.
Gorilla trekking is a major attraction in Uganda with the main Park for this being Bwindi, an almost impenetrable forest area. Uganda’s many rivers attract white water rafters, and one may include this in one’s itinerary for a visit to Uganda. Uganda’s People are warm and welcoming. Hospitality is great in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park”famous tree climbing lion as well as the Uganda Kob, other antelope species, elephant, baboons, hippos, buffalo and chimpanzees”


he Queen Elizabeth National Park has been designated a Biosphere Reserve for Humanity under UNESCO auspices. The park, includes a remarkable variety of ecosystems, from semi-deciduous tropical forest to green meadows, savannah and swamps. It is the home of the famous tree climbing lion as well as the Uganda Kob, other antelope species, elephant, baboons, hippos, buffalo and chimpanzees. Over ... Read More »

Ruwenzori National Park”The park is home to 70 species of mammal”


The Rwenzori, like other tropical mountains, have a range of exotic vegetation organized in discrete vegetation belts distributed across the altitudinal gradient. The montane forest zone extends from about 1,800 to (2,200) 2,400 m, and varies from dense forest (mainly confined to valley bottoms and ridge tops), through bracken or shrub dominated areas with scattered trees, to grassy glades. Common ... Read More »

Murchison Falls National Park”Buffalo, Elephant and Giraffe among others can be spotted here”


At 3840sq km, Murchison National park is comparable is size to Kenya’s Maasai Mara game Reserve and is Uganda’s Largest National Park. The river Nile runs through it dividing it into 2, one half being dense forest and the other plains and Savannah. The forest is occupied by yet again, primates. Such include the Chimpanzee and other monkeys as well. ... Read More »

Bwindi National Park


331sq kms of dense natural forest. Bwindi on the western edge of the Rift Valley is home to half the worlds population of mountain Gorillas. Gorilla trekking is the main attraction to this national park and is very popular among tourists. Bookings must be made way in advance because there is a limit to the number of visitors that can ... Read More »